Do you clean windows in the rain?
We work in all weather conditions as our systems we use allow us to do so.  This system is used so that your windows can still be cleaned regardless of the weather. So if it happens to be raining or if the sun is blazing down, the same perfect result is achieved each time and if there is any problem, Direct Shine will return and clean your windows free of charge.

Do you accept card payment?
Currently no, but feel free to get in touch if it would be of benefit to you. Obviously there is an extra cost to us in providing this, but if there is sufficient demand we would consider offering this in time.

What is the best way to clean unreachable windows?
Direct Shine use the latest window cleaning technology enabling us to reach windows up to 60 feet, without the need to step inside your property. If necessary we can quote for access equipment.

How does Direct Shine’s repeat window cleaning service work?
Notify us in advance that you require a repeat window cleaning service and your property will be added to an already established window cleaning round near to where you live.

The choices of cleaning schedules are: weekly, fortnightly,  monthly or bi-monthly. After your first clean your windows will then be cleaned on a regular cycle.

Do Direct Shine window cleaners clean the window frames?
Many window cleaners charge extra to clean window frames, but Direct Shine include frame cleaning within our charges.

Why should I hire a Professional Pressure Washer?
It’s important to understand that not all pressure wash companies are alike and anyone can purchase a pressure washer. An unskilled operator could cause much more harm to your home or business, than it would benefit.

Will cleaning my solar panels cause damage?
Not if done properly by a knowledgeable professional experienced with the proper methods of cleaning and maintaining these systems.

What areas do you service?
Currently for domestic services we cover Perth and the surrounding areas. For commercial contracts we work all over Scotland when required.

Why are my windows left wet and not dried off?
When you are having your windows cleaned using Pure water, all the trace elements contained in the tap water, known as Total Dissolved Solids or TDS, need to be removed from the water. Pure water attracts dirt like a magnet, as the water wants to return back to its conventional state. So when the windows and frames have been washed and rinsed with Pure water, no residue or dirt is left behind and the water dries naturally without leaving nasty streaks or major spotting.

Do you offer a guarantee?
Yes. If there are any problems with our workmanship, please call us and we will gladly rectify this free of charge.