Access Equipment/ IPAF/Council Permits

Direct Shine will prepare a risk assessment in accordance with current statutory requirements. Our High Level Window Cleaners are fully insured for Public Liability and Employers liability insurance.

Our team of window cleaners use high level reach and pole wash cleaning systems, lessening the health and safety risks while making our clients a significant saving in their total cleaning costs.

Using water purification technology, our water-fed pole cleaning systems use reverse osmosis and demineralising resin to produce 100% pure water.

The sheer strength of pure water means there’s no need to use cleaning detergents, making it ideal for achieving a spotless shine on all your windows. Not only saving money, but helping to save the planet too, with zero chemicals involved.

By far the safest and most cost-effective way to clean windows, it allows our teams to work from the safety of solid ground. For the best results, we recommend using water-fed pole systems for buildings up to 72 feet high.

Direct Shines window cleaning team are continuously trained in health and safety procedures, particularly when working at height. We guarantee to find a safe solution to the high level cleaning and maintenance of windows, facades and structural framework without causing damage or disruption.

Using access machinery at height requires specialist knowledge and understanding, at Direct Shine we work closely with access companies, traffic management and local councils enabling us to obtain the relevant permits which provides us with a wide range of access solutions in a safe and secure manner.

Our staff are (IPAF) trained to operate  scissor lifts and specialist track machines (spiders) and cherry pickers allowing us to safely access and reach inaccessible heights.

Direct Shines professional techniques give us flexibility to raise the standards and reach necessary heights, producing an all-encompassing and exceptional clean.

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